Where did the Summer go?

Blimey oh Riley it’s been a while since I last blogged – what a busy Summer. The last time I was tapping away at the keyboard we were in the thick of it on the countdown to the HOUSE OF FRASER competition, and that was back in May! As you can probably tell, (as the posts stopped) it all got too much to blog daily and work an 11 hour stint every day for a fortnight. I moved over to Face Book for the updates and no doubt you saw the news there but for any one who didn’t it was a brilliant experience. We sold lots of our lovely clothes and met great people. It was a ride – and although we didn’t win the top super dooper prize we did win “THE PEOPLE”S CHOICE AWARD”. Yippee.
To celebrate we had a small gathering of everyone who helped, including all the kids and parents who came down to hold the mini protest in Oxford street – The only time they would be allowed to shout and scream their way around a London Department store. With a “what do we want ? Rockabye-baby – when do we want it? Now” Super Fun with knobs on!!!

Summer came and went in a blink of a sunshaded eye, and here we are mid way through September already. You might remember in February we had a meeting with River Island well…….. last week we supplied them their very first order and it is now up online and looking good. riverisland.website We are hoping its going to go really well and we are delighted with this new relationship and hope it goes from strength to strength. So far they are stocked only online but who knows maybe they will be on a high street near you soon.

Another great relationship was made over the summer as we supplied Baby Brands direct they were voted the “BEST RETAILER” in the NURSERY INDUSTRY AWARDS and we supplied them with their new line in baby apparel. So we are hoping this will introduce our range to a whole new audience , let us hope they love it as much as we do.

We also took our brand back to it’s Dutch Roots and supplied a new shop in the Netherlands Hip and Klein if you have a moment have a look at their site it is really cool.
They were one of the first suppliers of the new Who’s your daddy Tees and the rocktastic range with the re-issued “Drums” and “Anarchy” etc which are going down a storm and, as you requested now go up to a size 8-10 years so there is no excuses for your older kids not looking as cool as your wee nippers. check out the range here

We were at the alternative trade Fair London Edge last week with the new range and met some great new people and brands including Freddies of pinewood super demin with a fab 50’s Theme. Nicky Rockets does a great range of tee’s for curvy women that come with a free eyepatch – coolio. If you are looking for retro cosmetics look no more my love as we met the lovely girls at Le Keux Cosmetics with their vintage lip Paint and Eye Liner and finally we just have to mention the Pin up Academy where you can pop in for a pin up style makeover – if that’s your thing then this will be too.

Summer also had us a tweet from Cherry Healey and we made a new addition to our packaging with an alliance with Tuck Tuck retro sweets and the ever so lovely Lisa cherry Lips Gomm. Now whenever you order an item from our site you will get a free packet of retro sweets. It’s sweet to be nice.

As you may well know Rockabye was inspired by my first baby Scarlet Tallula, she is the little baby with a safety pin on every garment, well two weeks ago my muse turned ten! We had a great treasure hunt party hiding clues, (and finding them) in Bread rolls in the local Darvells bakers and in packets of loom bands in the art shop and all over town before heading home to eat a Monster High Doll Birthday cake. See the picture below – its not a great piece of art but hey I am a busy lady and I didn’t know that you couldn’t paint with food colouring did I?
If you want the clues for your own Berko Treasure hunt I will happily send them to you too.

Date for your Diary 18th October where I will be having a stall in Carmenta life in Berkhamsted if you want to pop by and see our lovely stuff and maybe buy a gift or two.
Bye for now and keep on Rockin’ Emma

Progressive preschool

Progressive preschool

emma cufflin


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Emma with on award on her boob. what else?

Emma with on award on her boob. what else?






















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