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Happy New January

I know it’s more than half way through January already but Happy New Year!!!! and I hope 2015 is a great year for us all. After a much needed Christmas break it is actually really nice to get back into an organised office and get going again.

Such a busy year ahead and they seem to go past quicker and quicker. Don’t you think?

My dad said to me that life is like a toilet roll. It starts off slow at he beginning but when you get towards the end it just goes quicker and quicker. Not that I am near the end – hope not anyway, but the analogy with life and loo rolls has got a certain amount of charm. I just hope it’s luxury plush toilet paper and not the cheap stuff that scratches your bum.
Anyway I digress, so what has this month got in store?

Well here is some great news. In the next few weeks we will be launching the brand at House of Fraser as an online concession. Due to the success of the Peoples choice award last year at the POP at HOF ( last MAY see earlier posts if you want to know more) we were asked to come on board and trade online. We are really excited about this and it’s a great opportunity to get Rockabye out there and see what the public thinks – We would love to have your feedback anyway. We are not live yet but will keep you up to date when we are so you can go and have a look.

One thing I am really looking forward to this weekend is BIG FISH LITTLE FISH Hosted in quirky venues, BIG FISH LITTLE FISH is a club (as in a nightclub rather than cubs or the like) for parents and their kids. The weekend afternoon parties have great music by top DJs so parents can re-live their glory days and teach their kids what a real party is. This Sunday they are in Electrowerks at Angel, London. I am taking Simon, Scarlet and Fred and will keep you posted as to who had a fight with who and who made a fool of him/herself by eating too many sweeties and throwing up. See life with kids really isn’t that different. Can’t wait

So any new Designs, I hear you ask ?
Yessiree, the biggest change design wise is that we are making our range of clothing smaller – we have pulled the collection back to our classics range – you basically can view online now – and then have been designing away and have two complimentary capsule collections in for Summer and Winter 2015.

The Summer lines are based on two colour ways – The Summer Denim range and the Bowie range which is a diagonal light grey and yellow stripe, (We launched a tiny range of this last year in a cool as you like pair of baby dungarees and they were such a hit). We love these stripes so much that they are now being made as a summer puff ball dress, a short sleeve tee, a tulip shape triangle dress – that whooshes out when you twirl, and cute yet practical dribble bibs/bandannas to match.

The Summer Denim range mirrors the yellow and grey styles with the addition of mid weight hoodies and super-short shorts that draw their inspiration from a 1970’s pattern that I found in a vintage shop in Amsterdam – we are loving them.
What we wanted to do with the capsule collection was to make them all Summer essentials but allow for seasonal layering. So all our new designs compliment each other so you can swop and change through out the entire two seasons and still have outfits that work. The Winter collection plays to this too.

The Winter samples for AW15 are also looking great. My favourite are the new bonkers tights. We have some winter dresses and a couple of sweat shirts thrown in for good measure. So watch this space and we will share more as soon as we can.

All the designs will be revealed at the BUBBLE trade show www.bubblelondon.co.uk taking place on the 1st and 2nd Feb at the Business Design centre in Islington. We are on stand E6 so do drop by and say hello.

Think that’s it for now
Have a great Jan look out for the live Face Book posts and I will keep you up to date in FEB. Have Fun, Love fashion and show them your attitude. Emmaxx