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All the fun. Of the Fair

So balancing kids and running a business is a brave move for any working parent. I am sure that there are more woman diving into this venture than men, and that is why I am under no illusion that we must all be mental! Or up for a challenge at the very least.

I am sure that your life is exactly the same, but the down time that I inevitably try to plan for the family always seem to get seductively swallowed up by some time worm. Before we know it our quiet weekend of doing nothing ( yes I do put doing nothing in the diary at least every six weeks) end up being busier than ever.

A few weekends ago was prime example, It was the BURYfields festival in Chesham, Bucks on the Saturday, a family day out and then the amazing Big Fish Little Fish on the Sunday where we set up our photo booth stand and sell a few of our clothes at the same time. Of course we had to fit in the usual stuff that weekends bring. Like swimming clubs and sleepovers, homework and birthday parties, you know the normal weekend activities and chores that are far to boring to even write about.

Anyway, so I had collected my son Fred from school on Friday and out he comes, grin the size of his head, with the school teddy bear or in our case the school teddy badger in his hand, utterly delighted that it was his time to bring home Barry. I know you are going to accuse me of being an utter kill joy, but if you have ever had to bring one of these stuffed animals into your life for the weekend, you will soon realise that is actually just a whole load more work for Mum to do. Basically what you do is to keep a diary of all the things that Barry did over the weekend with your family and take photos. Then the child has to write down the events as a daily diary in Barry’s book. I do believe that it’s a secret conspiracy for the school to spy into your home and see what type of parents you are! Although I have to admit that it is quite interesting to see what every one else’s kids are up to! I always feel like I need to be naughty and make up a load of stuff up like “Saturday and we went to visit all the pubs in Soho and Mammy got really drunk. Here is a picture of her throwing up on the train, and on Sunday we went out for a day trip. Here is Barry visiting Daddy in prison.”

Anyway I think it that all I really have to do is take a few pics – ok so that’s ok no problem, but it’s just printing them out and then getting your child to write about it. It really feels like an extra load of homework that you have to bribe your kids to do on top of the main homework that has been set. Anyway, it just leads to more moaning in my house and as you have to do the stuff first before you can write about it and by then everyone is knackered. The writing it down in the usually a Sunday night scramble that I could really do without. See, I told you I was a kill joy.

In all honesty it wasn’t that bad in the end, we took Barry and the kids to BURYfields, which was super compact festival packed into a small space but had such a great festival vibe it was cool. We saw some cool bands that I had never heard of, the FOXTALES, electric guitars and pysch-folk, THE LOTTERY WINNERS who that had me in stitches as did TWO WAYS HOME and SKINNY LISTER who blew me away with their energy and shanty band antics on stage – well worth a google. They even handed out a flagon of grog into the audience to pass round – which was as original as they come.

Barry got his own wrist band which was a bit of a result (and very sweet of the staff to humour us) and I remembered to take a few pictures and be careful we didn’t loose him, Barry that is not Fred. So job done. Saturday done! (BIG TICK)

We did actually forget to take Barry on the Sunday though when we packed the car to the brim with kids and clothes and cameras and took off for what turned out to be a two hour drive to Balham. Not leaving enough time to negotiate the London traffic was not a smart idea and thinking that we could squeeze in swimming before hand too was an Emma ( I can do it all ) special, I’ll never learn. We turned up at the Big Fish Little Fish event with 20 minutes to set up and so started the whole affair in a it of a panic. Believe me Barry was the furthest thing from my mind.

We needn’t to have worried though as the two and a half our kids rave went like a dream. Simon was mobbed with the Outer space photography booth that we designed for Big Fish, my kids handed out glow sticks and donned tattoos to every limb that passed their way and everyone had a great time. We wrote in the diary that Barry spent all day in bed recovering because he was tired out from partying hard with the bands the night before! Rock’n Roll !

And so we leaf from one type of fair to another as the first weekend of July we set up our trade fair stand in Solihull. It was the first time that we had done the INDX fair so we decided to launch our new Originals name with a bang and brought along an Elvis impersonator.

As you may well know one of our best selling baby garments is the little Elvis suits and so it we wanted to advertise it ROCKABYE style. So Elvis rocked up and rocked out a couple of songs and although we had to keep it short as it was trade fair and people were there to work (It was Elvis’s shortest ever gig) We had loads of people happy to be entertained for ten minutes while Elvis roared our a few favourites and brought a twinkle to the day.

Naturally I got in on the act and struck a pose or two with the King. It was funny way to launch our new collection of the Black and Gold BLING range, and the new SS17 which will be revealed next year. So if you have a shop to website and would like to know more about the new collections feel free to drop us alone and we can fill you in. I will share the pictures with this post but it really got us some attention. We also had a lovely little competition to win tickets to see BEN PORTSMOUTH the UK’s best ELvis Impersonator. He is playing at the Barclay card arena on the 3rd September and it is sure to be amazing, one of our lucky customers will be winning two tickets soon.

We also met the Hayley and Callum ay INDX who introduced us to the coolest ruck sacks that I have seen in ages, made by the German company their reps in the UK are WilliamTurner . We were lucky enough to product test and Fred my seven year old thinks his red dragon bag is awesome. Not only is it super ergonomically designed, it has all the German engineering of a mountaineers back pack. It had hidden pockets and the animal’s little arms can velcro into several places to make a peeka boo too– a brilliant piece of playfulness in design that gets the big thumbs up from us both.

So finally I have to try and sell you some of our fab clothes – as much as I love to write, I would swear a lot more if this wasn’t my kids brand blog! So I will remind that our Cool kids clothes sale is now on.
I’m not sure if you have seen it yet but our very first advert was sent out last month which we are really pleased with. It’s an in house production, ( which means it was shot and edited on my phone!) and happened completely by chance when we’re on a beach in Dorset last Summer.

We were camping and as usual it rained most of the time! But we did get one day on the beach where the kids went wild. There is something about sand and kids that is always fascinating to observe. It’s the land equivalent of being in the swimming pool – kids just seem to love it.
At some point in the day after swimming in the bloody freezing waters of the English Channel, eating a sandy sandwich – the true meaning of the snack is realised, we decide to bury Scarlet in the sand (as you do). Then using the huge bucket that we always take to build humungous sand castles we suddenly had an idea to make a video.

It took ten minutes and Fred’s laugh just cracks me up all the time. If you get to see the outtakes they are hilarious. I didn’t realize that we were actually on a nudist beach and if you look closely … well. Let’s just say thank goodness that we had a big bucket to hide things that might not be deemed suitable for a kids and baby company!

Well that’s it from me for now all I can say is have a good summer with your kids, remember to take time in your diary to do nothing, it really is the best way to spend a weekend. Maybe even better than hanging out with the guy in the big white suit, well just about.

Have a great August xx love and antics

Who’s your Daddy? photo shoot

Today myself, Scarlet and Fred, my nine and four year old, headed into Curtain Road studios in Shoreditch to a photoshoot with Ross Bolger and stylist Emma Thatcher.  We met at Bubble three weeks ago where they offered to shoot the new Tees for us. How nice!! www.rossbolger.com, www.emmarosethatcher.com

We had so much stuff to carry, why I thought it would be easier on the train was beyond me. Armed with two kids, a blue Ikea bag filled with cardboard props, rucksacks and colouring books, food and God knows what, I dragged the kids through London for some photo fun.

We spend 5 hours with the nicest people and kids you would want to spend the day with. Which is tough to say as two of the spogs were mine – but they were all well behaved considering that hanging around for hours is not that glamous, and kids do tend to get bored. Emma made our tee shirts – look brilliant with her styling and Emma’s sister, Jess was lovely, her hair and makeup (although with kids there never is much make up) transformed the kids into mini superstars.

Ross the big, but not so hairy Scouser photographer got the kids to do what ever we wanted. Funny that!!! But he created some lovely shots and we haven’t stopped smiling since

I have to say it was the most enjoyable shoot I have ever been on. Click to see them now.


And just in case you are interested in who my kids are Scarlet is the tall girl in the red Elvis tee , and the girl with the lollypop looking about 15 and Fred is the smile behind the record sleeve and the little dude in green with the funny face.

The tees are based on the hair do’s of famous rock gods – they are very simple and bold and the idea is that you pick the tee who you wish was your rock Daddy? Imagine having Elvis as your Dad?

The only sad thing about them is that they are not available yet , you will have to wait until May but Trade customers you can get your orders in now. I have a few requests for adult tee shirts too so if I have enough response below I will potentially do a Daddy and a kid version too – let me know.

Rockabye Photo shoot

Having received our new collection last week. This week  I set myself  and our small, compact team the task of co-ordinating a full on  photo shoot to show off our lovely stuff. In reality I should have left more time but hey a week’s a week yeah?

So having just stepped out of a great meeting with an up and coming photographer Sophie Lake www.sophielake.co.uk and super stylist Bev Hancock to plan our shoot next Wednesday.  It is going to be great and if you want your kids to  model for us all the better just send me a line. Anyway I am hoping it is going to be so much better than the last shoot we did – which had great results but was a bit of a learning curve to say the least. Anyway its a funny old story that I am feeling the urge to share with you now.

Autumn 2011 ……until this time when photographing Rockabye – I had kept the photoshoots very low key.  All the images  I had been doing myself quite happily for five years previously mainly at home or near home at home. With a few kids and their parents or photographing babies one at a time in a relatively  calm setting. The photos were good for an amateur like me but there were nothing special and so this year with a brand new collection I decided to go all out get a professional in build a studio and go for it.

I had in the past naturally used  to use my own kids Scarlet and Fred as they have been posing for the camera in my clothes since they popped out. It’s taken for granted that whenever I need  a model they must obligue. (they do get paid in biscuits). But for this shoot my kids and close circle wasn’t enough so I spread my line a bit wider and brought in as a many kids as I though fit the bill. Facebook is a brilliant tool for spreading the – I need a model – word.

The morning of the shoot was great with the photographer Will Amlot willamlot.com all set up. I had been making props of cardboard guitars and drums and things for weeks before hand so it was looking fab – we were feeling cool and calm and ready for anything. Apart  that was, from the onslaught  of 16  0-2 year olds all eager to go. After 20 mins they we were on set and Will was snapping away  but in reality it was all we could do to get the kids to look at us, never mind pose or be funny.  Twice in ten minutes Will had to run to the lights and tripod to stop them from falling  over as the little boy we were shooting just ran out into the set and headed straight for them.

Kids were crying noses were running – feeding routines and nap times went out the window and it spiraled into organised chaos with cameras. I was as always trying to be as pleasant and professional making sure we had the shots  in the right clothes and the parents were happy as well as the kids. Also trying to make sure my own kids were OK and were happy – we did have his childminder there too – phew what a god send. The noise was phenomenal. Some kids were great and danced on set and others cried and didn’t want to play – it was pure drama. Will did such a great job getting anything at all.

My favourite shots of the day were (of course) of my son Fred and his best mate Miles. Fred was dressed in the white Elvis suit and Miles in the black Elvis and they had great fun on the drums and with the cardboard microphones – the shots are a treat.  In the middle of it all though Fred came up to me and said “Mam, my bottom hurts.” so I left Will to it for a moment and took him to the toilet to investigate.  You can imagine my horror when in the middle of it all I was looking at my two year olds bottom as he bent over, only to see a tiny weeny white thread worm wiggle out of it. ARGGGGHHHH. I had to pull it out , flush it, scrub my hands and then head back into the shoot and continue like nothing had happened. Now when ever I see the Elvis shots that is what comes to mind.

Never will I ever underestimate the power of Children, particularly when you want them to do something specific they will find a way to constantly surprise you.

Rockabye-Baby are looking for Models for the next shoot. Kids ages 9 months to 7 years. It will be held on Wednesday 20th November in Berkhamsted, Hertforshire from 9.30 am – 5.30 pm so please contact us if you would like your child to join in.  You can however, leave the worms at home!


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