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Who’s your Daddy? photo shoot

Today myself, Scarlet and Fred, my nine and four year old, headed into Curtain Road studios in Shoreditch to a photoshoot with Ross Bolger and stylist Emma Thatcher.  We met at Bubble three weeks ago where they offered to shoot the new Tees for us. How nice!!,

We had so much stuff to carry, why I thought it would be easier on the train was beyond me. Armed with two kids, a blue Ikea bag filled with cardboard props, rucksacks and colouring books, food and God knows what, I dragged the kids through London for some photo fun.

We spend 5 hours with the nicest people and kids you would want to spend the day with. Which is tough to say as two of the spogs were mine – but they were all well behaved considering that hanging around for hours is not that glamous, and kids do tend to get bored. Emma made our tee shirts – look brilliant with her styling and Emma’s sister, Jess was lovely, her hair and makeup (although with kids there never is much make up) transformed the kids into mini superstars.

Ross the big, but not so hairy Scouser photographer got the kids to do what ever we wanted. Funny that!!! But he created some lovely shots and we haven’t stopped smiling since

I have to say it was the most enjoyable shoot I have ever been on. Click to see them now.

And just in case you are interested in who my kids are Scarlet is the tall girl in the red Elvis tee , and the girl with the lollypop looking about 15 and Fred is the smile behind the record sleeve and the little dude in green with the funny face.

The tees are based on the hair do’s of famous rock gods – they are very simple and bold and the idea is that you pick the tee who you wish was your rock Daddy? Imagine having Elvis as your Dad?

The only sad thing about them is that they are not available yet , you will have to wait until May but Trade customers you can get your orders in now. I have a few requests for adult tee shirts too so if I have enough response below I will potentially do a Daddy and a kid version too – let me know.