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Easter Rocks

A month has flown past and here I am blogging again and Easter is just around the corner. If you are looking for an alternative to a chocolate egg for an Easter gift we have some great suggestions. All Rockabye Originals of course! Why not try a guitar cushion – great for a rock and roll pillow fight!

It’s that funny time of year when the days become longer and the spring flowers seem to pop their heads up and say “Hello”, (although I had some daffodils in my garden that said hello in December and are dead now, but hey we can’t have everything can we?). Anyway this is the optimists favourite time of year when we can say goodbye to the cold dark winter and say hello to brighter days and thoughts of summer.

Our Mellow Yellow collection is perfect for this season made from a medium weight jersey fabric it is just perfect for layering up when you are never quite sure what the weather will do. With our stripey greys offset with the bright bursts of yellow and pink,it is a perfect spring collection. Have a look at our site and use the 30% off voucher if you fancy an Easter purchase. Use SPREADTHELOVE at the check out page and happy shopping. Valid on all sales until the 24th March. SHOP NOWSHOP NOW

We also have an offer that if you spend £40 online from now until after the Easter holidays you will get a free guitar toy/cushion (worth £16). Who doesn’t love a freebee?

So the clocks SPRING FORWARD (fall back) on the 26th and we have that extra hour of day light, and with two weeks off school trying to entertain the kids, run a business and just trying to keep on top of all the general crap that mums deal with, I have put together The Rockabye Original top 10 Easter kids activities just for you.

Before I do I just want to tell you about me being out and about in the community last week. In our quest to spread the love, I spend an afternoon with a group of the year ten textile students at the lovely #ashlynsschool in Berkhamsted Hertfordshire. The tutor Miss Kerr has set a great brief for the students to create a couple of outfits for Rockabye Originals.I went in to speak to them, get their brains in motion and review their designs so far.
It was a pleasure to share my experience and time and to see the students moving out of their comfort zone and into areas new. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they develop and what they come up with.

The project will be completed after Easter and I will keep you updated with this talented lot of young designers. You never know they might even let me share the designs with you too. If they are really good I might even make them as a charity collection. Watch this space.

So now back to keeping those kids busy, and if they are anything like my kids trying to keep their little heads from looking at a screen is a challenge in itself.
I tried and tested most of these with my kid’s last weekend – when like a mentalist that I am, had 10 seven year old boys and 2 girls in my house for Fred’s birthday party. It was two hours of madness and an hour of tidying up. PS never vacuum in the dark you will only have to do it again the next day.

Original top10 Easter kids activities

1) Make sock bean bags from old socks.
This is no doubt a double whammy activity on all accounts and is made bloody brilliant by the fact that you can use up all those odd socks and gloves that have been lying around form months.
Basically you take an old sock, or glove, and half fill it will either yellow split peas or lentils and some lavender if you have some in the garden (or left over from the summer). Tie a know in the end and stick some googlie eyes on that I bought at the art shop and what do ya know you have your very own sock worm or glove spider – basically a pet that needs no feeding or cleaning ( but might need new eyes once in a while after you see the next activity).

I have to say that I did envisage that the kids wouldn’t get into this, I mean how can anold sock and some split peas live up to the high intestity and superior graphics that modern video games have? I was wrong, the kids loved it. They named them and we even had tears when one got lost behind the sofa, we found it though, all was well.

The best thing about these pets, apart from that you canput themin themicrowave for 1minute and use it as muscle comforter if you have pulled a muscle in your neck, no thebest thing is that they can be thrown around and really hard to be destroyed.

Which leads me nicely into the second activity
2) Make boxes into targets
It doesn’t get any easier than getting a few boxes cutting a hole in the front and then making a number on the front to show how many points that hole is worth. I did this with three boxes, a small triangle worth 50 points, an oval worth 20 points and quite a big circle worth 10. We then took turns to see who could get the highest number in 5 goes.
The winners took a step backward until there were five kids left then it was miss it and you are out until a winner was found.
It really is very addictive and we played this inside although this would be perfect in the garden or park.

3) Easter egg hunt with chocolate coins
I was in a department store the other day and noticed that they were selling all their chocolate coins off so I took two bags of silver coins and two bags of gold ones and I think it cost me £2 for them all.
I later hid them all in the party and split the kids up into team silver and team gold and made the hunt into a competition as to who could collect the most of their colour. Set a time limit of say 5 minutes- and see what happens. You can see if they stick to their own colour or get into a game of sabotage!

4) Make rock legend egg heads
If you’re a bit like me and are constantly dismayed by your kids taste in music then its time to educate your kids as to who the legends are. What better way to do it than with an egg head/cress head. So crack your egg and use middle as you like to, either in cakes or lunch then rise out the egg being carful not to smash its face in ( no not saying anything). Then google your favourite pop/ rock stars mug shot for reference and create their faces on the egg.

I used sharpies (that come in hundreds of colours and thickness- yes I do get very excited about things like that) Then listen to your favourite track whist you get creative with your pens. Pop in a bit of tissue or cotton wool water into the shell so it is damp but not flooded and sew some seeds. I’ve used mustard and cress as it’s fast growing and you can see results in days, but you could also try beans or salad leaves. Maybe get creative and thing which plant best represents your heroes hair do – wheat grass for Sid vicious? oh the irony of wheat grass and Sid Vicious in the same sentence.

This was great fun by the way – make sure you make one for yourself too.
Send us your finished rock legend egg heads into our Face book page

5) Planting tulips and daffs in funky shapes
Ok so its not really the time of year to plant bulbs as it will be a year before you get any results but I had the idea of planting bulbs in the letters of your kids names. It’s really easy to do as you just have to make a small hole in the lawn pop in a bulb every 5-8 cm away from the last bulb until you have the spelled out the name.

The grass will really soon grow over and you will for get all about it until next year when they will pop up and remind you. If you don’t have much of a garden then try planting them in pots and maybe just mapping out an initial or two.

6) Make the Easter bunny out of Lego
Nothing like a great big Lego session to get the creative juices going, so clear a space on the living room floor and build. We did this last holiday and built a city, then pretended the dog was Dogzilla and watched as he trashed it! Great fun.

7) make your living room into a disco
Discus who will be the DJ and what type of music it will be – buy a set of £10 plug in disco lights from the internet and think of a theme. Make tickets and sell them (or give them) to your friends, sort out the refreshments and turn up the music and boogie.

8) Jam Jar tea lights
Take old jam jars and what ever old bits of paint you can find lying in the shed and paint the inside of the clean jar. Let it dry and then paint faces on the outside with those Fab Sharpie pens. You can be all traditional and paint chick and bunny rabbit faces or continue the rock legends theme like with number 4)

9) Make chocolate egg papier mache balloons.
Ok so this is a bit of a faff about, but the results are great. Take a balloon and pop chocolate eggs into the hole so they fill the belly of the balloon. Blow it up to what ever size you want. Keeping it small is cool as it takes less time. Then dip bits of string into PVA glue and wrap them around the balloon so they make the shape but have a few gaps so you can still see the balloon in places. Leave to dry sitting upright on a cup or cereal bowl. When completely dry pop the balloon and you have a wire shell of an egg with eggs inside – very cool.

10 have a pillow fight
Great for getting all that unwanted aggression out of your boys and as long as you put a five or ten minute timer on so it doesn’t get out of control and end in tears. Then it is a great release of energy and fun besides. You could try it with the guitar cushion toy too, but its not mandatory! but just incase you do click here

Send us your pics of your kids eggheads designs and we’ll share the best on FB and send Easter prizes too.

Oh and one last thing if you are following us at RockabyeLondon please can you switch to RockabyeOriginals as we are going to delete the LONDON one soon. And if you are not yet following us on Instagram please do so now!

That’s it from me for now, and catch up with you next month.
Happy Easter
Love Emma and the Rockabye Originals team. x

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