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Jump around

I have been in business now for over ten years running it around my kids –which has been tricky at times to say the least. I am the first to admit that it’s not the easiest of roles, and I do work all hours and have to dispense medicine with one hand and take a business call with the other. But it is satisfying. I’ve had babies throwing up on sets, models that won’t smile and spend days making cardboard props but that all just turns into a normal life really. What I love is a Friday evening boogie in the kitchen with my kids, a glass of wine and BBC 6 music turned up loud.

There is nothing like dancing to relieve stress, oh and burn off some calories of the packet of biscuits that is now empty by my desk that I have no recollection of eating! Plus there is just something enchantingly entertaining about watching your kids get down to the beat. Whatever age you are, dancing just makes you feel good.

It was this love that I have for music that inspired me to set up my own baby clothing business back in 2006, Hating the pink and blue explosion on the high street, the clothes available didn’t reflect me at all. I wanted to make Original baby clothes for my baby girl that were a little less ordinary and set out to do just that. Music and Scarlet (who was 6 months at the time) were my muse, (she is the little baby face on every garment) so I created a range of clothes for my little rock star and packed them in record sleeves to make them a super cool gift.

We were one of the first alternative kids clothes to market and I feel really proud to have been so brave and created something different. The rest is history – or should I say hard work and bloody mindedness.

I ‘ve been around a bit over the last ten years, selling everywhere from East End Markets to Harrods and House of Fraser, I take my wares and brighten days with clothes that make you smile. I have done Christmas markets and music festivals and even the odd school fayre!

When I came across ‘Big Fish Little Fish’ a couple of years ago, I felt this could be a great collaboration. They created the original family rave experience for parents and their little ones. You turn up at a REAL club venue with super hot DJ’s from the 90’s (many who have kids of their own) and they recreate the club scene – all be it a kid friendly version, in the middle of a Sunday afternoon.

I went to a great gig in the Vaults at Waterloo in London with my kids and loved it so much I asked if I could get involved, so now whenever I can I do just that.
This weekend Alex Paterson of the legendary Orb is playing the Scala in London’s Kings Cross which should be an iconic event. I’ll rock up, as usual, with my kids, husband, camera and clothing rail and join the party.

We sell our clothes to the parents and offer a free family photo service, that we mail to them as a momento of the event. I have a suitcase of crazy dressing-up hats and wigs to use as props, it’s completely bonkers but fun. The kids have a fairy cake, a smoothie and a boogie and we all go home 2 hours later completely knackered and happy.

There is always a bar (keeps Daddy happy), a cake stall, a craft area, glow sticks and a chill out zone for the tiny ones. Personally I like getting into the heart of the action with the bubble machines, a deep bass, and disco lights and let the music take me back to an age before kids, even before a little hand drags you away to take them for a wee! Anyway if this sounds like your thing, then put your hands in the air like you just don’t care, and jump around. I’ll see you there with my clothing rail and a shandy.

Bye for now Emma