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Having received our new collection last week. This week  I set myself  and our small, compact team the task of co-ordinating a full on  photo shoot to show off our lovely stuff. In reality I should have left more time but hey a week’s a week yeah?

So having just stepped out of a great meeting with an up and coming photographer Sophie Lake and super stylist Bev Hancock to plan our shoot next Wednesday.  It is going to be great and if you want your kids to  model for us all the better just send me a line. Anyway I am hoping it is going to be so much better than the last shoot we did – which had great results but was a bit of a learning curve to say the least. Anyway its a funny old story that I am feeling the urge to share with you now.

Autumn 2011 ……until this time when photographing Rockabye – I had kept the photoshoots very low key.  All the images  I had been doing myself quite happily for five years previously mainly at home or near home at home. With a few kids and their parents or photographing babies one at a time in a relatively  calm setting. The photos were good for an amateur like me but there were nothing special and so this year with a brand new collection I decided to go all out get a professional in build a studio and go for it.

I had in the past naturally used  to use my own kids Scarlet and Fred as they have been posing for the camera in my clothes since they popped out. It’s taken for granted that whenever I need  a model they must obligue. (they do get paid in biscuits). But for this shoot my kids and close circle wasn’t enough so I spread my line a bit wider and brought in as a many kids as I though fit the bill. Facebook is a brilliant tool for spreading the – I need a model – word.

The morning of the shoot was great with the photographer Will Amlot all set up. I had been making props of cardboard guitars and drums and things for weeks before hand so it was looking fab – we were feeling cool and calm and ready for anything. Apart  that was, from the onslaught  of 16  0-2 year olds all eager to go. After 20 mins they we were on set and Will was snapping away  but in reality it was all we could do to get the kids to look at us, never mind pose or be funny.  Twice in ten minutes Will had to run to the lights and tripod to stop them from falling  over as the little boy we were shooting just ran out into the set and headed straight for them.

Kids were crying noses were running – feeding routines and nap times went out the window and it spiraled into organised chaos with cameras. I was as always trying to be as pleasant and professional making sure we had the shots  in the right clothes and the parents were happy as well as the kids. Also trying to make sure my own kids were OK and were happy – we did have his childminder there too – phew what a god send. The noise was phenomenal. Some kids were great and danced on set and others cried and didn’t want to play – it was pure drama. Will did such a great job getting anything at all.

My favourite shots of the day were (of course) of my son Fred and his best mate Miles. Fred was dressed in the white Elvis suit and Miles in the black Elvis and they had great fun on the drums and with the cardboard microphones – the shots are a treat.  In the middle of it all though Fred came up to me and said “Mam, my bottom hurts.” so I left Will to it for a moment and took him to the toilet to investigate.  You can imagine my horror when in the middle of it all I was looking at my two year olds bottom as he bent over, only to see a tiny weeny white thread worm wiggle out of it. ARGGGGHHHH. I had to pull it out , flush it, scrub my hands and then head back into the shoot and continue like nothing had happened. Now when ever I see the Elvis shots that is what comes to mind.

Never will I ever underestimate the power of Children, particularly when you want them to do something specific they will find a way to constantly surprise you.

Rockabye-Baby are looking for Models for the next shoot. Kids ages 9 months to 7 years. It will be held on Wednesday 20th November in Berkhamsted, Hertforshire from 9.30 am – 5.30 pm so please contact us if you would like your child to join in.  You can however, leave the worms at home!

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