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Oh for the LOVE of Kids

So being the month of Lurve I really want to think about this strange concept. We all know in our hearts (ha ha) that St Valentine’s day is a marketing opportunity intended like many things for us to part with our hard earned cash and feel good. And I’m cool with that. Its fine, feel free to give me chocolate hearts wrapped in red foil and take me out for dinner, only not on Valentines day please, not with all the other couples either eating each others faces instead of their starter, or staring at each other trying to find something to talk about. (or am I just being synical?).

No matter how much we love or lust our partners, there really is nothing that compares to the love you have for your kids. I remember the breaking dam of new emotions that flooded into my very soul when my first child was born. I am sure the mums amongst us will share this with me, but there was nothing quite like it. I loved my partner yeah, but God this was something else, I loved my baby so much more.

And then when baby number two came nearly five years later, I was actually worried that I couldn’t love this child as much as the first, and what if I didn’t? But you do, you just do. You find your life filled with more smiles and tears , but more love too, it just grows. Anyway this wasn’t a trip down memory lane and I don’t really do all that mushy mummy stuff, it’s just not my style. Kids are fab, you love them, but at times you hate them too. Right?

The best thing about kids is that they constantly crack me up with the things they say and do. When you ask them about Love though it’s a very serious issue. My six year old has had about four relationships this year. Planned to get married to two girls from his class but currently has a girlfriend called Summer who is The One. I have already planned their marriage on a mountain with a bouncy castle. They liked that idea.

The thing is though, although I do jest at their mini class room love in, in Fred’s little head it is deadly serious. It reminds me of that advert for McCain Oven Chips from the 90’s that you might remember. Daddy or chips. It still makes me smile I think it’s the sincerity of the kids that they really had to think about who they loved the most. You have to love kids for that.
It was this thought that made me have the idea of asking our followers kids what three things do they love the most.
So this month we are holding a competition called ‘LOVE originals’. Ask your kids “ what three things do they love the most? ”. The more ORIGINAL the better.
So get your phone
Film your kids
Post it on our Face Book page

Keep an eye out each day for that days favourite and the winner will be chosen on the 29th where you will win an outfit of your choice. We might even throw in a chocolate heart too.
If your kids are shy just ask them to write it down or make a poem.

So back to love and kids. In our house we used to say love you Scarlet, “Goodnight Scarlet, love you forever”, and she would sweetly reply “love you forever”. Then when Fred was old enough to understand we’d say “Goodnight Fred, love you forever”, and on this occasion he spouts back with “Love you Mummy, Love you ‘til your dead”. It’s actually really sad but well I just ended up in stitches – yep Fred that’s a very philosophical way at looking at it, and in all honesty you probably will.

On that note I’ll let you get back to reserving that romantic dinner and ordering those chocolate hearts – you don’t want them to sell out now do you.
I heartily look forward to seeing all your kids vids and spreading some original love this February.
Love you loads
as always Emma