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COUNTDOWN TO HOF – the madness is levelled

Day 13 and all is good – I’ve been out of the office all day at HOF in Oxford Street London for our day of staff training. I was away from the madness of the office and the never ending to do list and I actually had a really nice time. All positive vibes, and I am sending them out to you. So the track for today is Petula Clark – with Downtown, or DOON TOON as any good Gordie would tell you. (Although I am not a Geordie, I’m from up the road in Middlesbrough, but still its a great pronunciation non the less).

“Petula Clark Down Town”>PETULA CLARK DOWN TOWN

TO VIEW THE VIDEO DIARY CLICK ON THS LINKMovie on 2014-04-29 at 18.24

COUNTDOWN TO H.O.F the madness begins

Well another week passes and I am still alive – just.
Last week was utterly bonkers as we count down to the House of Fraser experience things get a little crazy.
For the next 14 days I am going to leave you a song for the day which sums my state of mind and the general well being of the office. So prepare for some action.

Last week was testing and things can only get better, Monday being a bank holiday weekend we started to tear up the garden and partially build a gazebo – only the weather wasn’t kind and we ran out of time – so hence we are living and working in a bit more mess than is normal – not to worry.
My husband flew off on business for 6 days leaving me with no child care for the weekend which was the Baby and Toddler show in Blue Water Kent.

The Great retail Revival and House of Fraser POP At HOF was kicking off with a whole lot of paperwork. With staff rotas, training days, stock to be sorted etc etc. Plus we have marketing events to plan and book, anyway enough work to keep us out of trouble, plus there is the rest of the business to run and we have the amazing whos’s your Daddy tee’s in production which needs over seeing too. (but they will be worth it)
I spent Monday evening planning the weeks work and allocating tasks only on Tuesday morning to have both my staff call in sick (and one is on holiday). At the beginning of four weddings and a funeral the film starts with the’ F’ word repeated about 10 times – that was my verbal start to Tuesday.

All worked out well though, the marketing plan that I had been mulling over on twenty bits of paper materialised into a plan (thanks Rach my lovely neighbour for your help). Staff rota was written, hair stylist booked. Simon Sparks hairstylist to the Berkhamsted stars is going to be creating Rock and Roll hair do’s for kids in store over the two weeks and we have some other suprises too but I am keeping those secret for now!!!
Wednesday we sorted stock for HOF and for the Baby and Toddler Show in Kent, packed the car only for the battery to be dead on Thursday morning when I was about to drive to KENT. I got going but two miles down the M25 found out my bonnet was flapping and had to stop to shut it properly and on the way back after setting up in super speedy time I got caught in a five hour Traffic jam.

Friday at the B&T show trading was great and I met loads of people and told them all about HOF and people got very excited and promised to blog about Rockabye and POP at HOF – so don’t forget. Saturday was weird as metal pole in the stand opposite me fell down and all I saw was a four year old girl and a bloody head so I stepped in with my newly acquired first aid skills and kept her calm until the medic came – which took forever. She was absolutely fine, but her parents were shook up – not a good way to end the day, So Sunday evening 9pm kids are collected from friends houses where they had been living over the weekend and all is well if not a little pooped.

Today in the office we have boxes galore and cars to be unloaded and xls sheets that should have gone out last week mounting up and life well is a little crazy – what a perfect link to my “14 days to HOF and 14 songs” to sum up the feeling. So please put your hands together as we embrace the madness together with Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy.
and if you want to see the video diary Movie on 2014-04-28 at 15.05




House of Fraser and The Great Retail Revival

Wow what a month, I can hardly believe that I am still standing in the whirlwind that seems to have hit Rockabye this month, but no complaints it’s all good.
First of all we started to supply another beautiful site called the Burp boutique and the lovely Kate (the owner) did a fabulous Q and A with me – which to say was cobbled together (in the rushed way us working mothers do things occasionally) – if I do say so myself it reads rather well. You can view it here.
Kate has a fabulous blog by the way and no doubt you will loose 20 minutes reading on and on.

The other rather wonderful thing that happened to us is that we entered a competition with the UK established High Street store, House of Fraser and The Great Retail Revival and guess what, we only got through to the finals!!!

After receiving an email invite from a friend of mine – we entered the competition with only two days left until the closing date. We had to submit a three minute video about our company.
(click here to have a look)
Two days later we found out we had got through to the final 20. For the next part we had three days to get together a fifteen minute “Dragons Den” pitch presentation to five heads of The Great Retail Revival:
The panel of Judges were:
Nigel Oddy – COO, House of Fraser
James Hibbert- A Founder of The Great Retail Revival and Owner of Dress2kill
Liz Houghton- Owner of womenswear brand, Mint Velvet
Katy Young – Beauty editor, The Telegraph,
Anna Murphy, Editor, Stella Magazine. the Telegraph.

The pitch was the most nervous day I have had since I took my driving test – but it seems they liked it as I was delighted to find out I was through to the final ten. From the ten brands chosen I feel the quality and originality of the products is amazing and I am honoured to be involved. It feel fab to get this far but now the fun really starts.

So what next? I hear you ask, and what does the winner get?
Well our clothes and the other “winner’s clobber” go on sale online on the 8th May and in store at House of Fraser in Oxford Street on the 12th May. The brand with the best sales over this two week period wins a years concession in House of Fraser.
You can check out all the other contestants and more about the competition on the link below. I think it is going to be great.
So anyone who wants to support me and the team come down to HOUSE OF FRASER on Oxford Street and buy one.