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The AW13 Collection Finally Arrives

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Hurray the New Stuff from our Winter collection has finally arrived.

We were so excited when the 31 boxes arrived this morning that it was all hands on deck to check them in and then pack them out again. So if you are waiting for an order from us it you will have it soon . With over 2500 pieces though it was a bit tricky as I kept coming in to the room and saying “Melda have you seen the puff dresses in black and white?  ” and she’d reply  “Yes , there are in a box somewhere ” really Melda !! no shit! We eventually did find them all.

The new lines follow the stripy look of previous lines but with added loveliness. With the “Tiger in a top hat”  and “Giraffe with a mohican”, “Foxy Fox” and “Leopard” you are in for a treat. They really are fab.  The “lightning suit” is back and”Elvis “has arrived in black too . Plus there is a new line in last seasons best seller the bow – as we have it in a dress and a sleep suit too. Lots of little bows to wrap up your bundles of love. Bye for now